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ARKMEN is rhythm, energy and style. The unique walnut flavor captures as megapolises. It inspires cherished dreams to come true and helps to conquer the highest peaks.

ARKMEN is a company that takes its roots in Ukraine. We value the fruits of our land, the diligence of our countrymen.

We are on the same wave. Our team is young and prospective☺ We fall asleep and wake up with the thought of ARKMEN and your happy smile. Our goal is to create something that will be AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE!

Considering that our product is cool and unique, it will surely complement your bright life.


ARKMEN is more than just a business. This is a child about whom I and my team take care of. This is a friend for whom you want to develop and become better every day. This is an idea that I want to bring to the world.

We are ready not to sleep, fly around the world, read the literature, constantly improve the taste, because your pleasure is our priority. I really want you to feel all the drive and craze of the ARKMEN nuts that I and our Dream Team feel. Try it to taste!

Raw materials

It is important to us that you would like to eat our nuts even more! That is why we choose the best parcel of walnuts that guarantees entirety and freshness.

It is not a secret that the domestic Ukrainian walnut is better than from any foreign manufacturer, because it is our native. The most valuable resource is the golden hands of the countrymen, who carefully select the best nuts for us.

Green walnut gardens in Zakarpattia oblast
How do we develop the masterpiece?

Heat treatment at 300° - to ensure sterility;

Fresh-squeezed lime juice - to guarantee of long-term storage (7 months);

Fresh-ground coffee – to provide aroma and richness of taste;

Quality package - to preserve the aroma and taste.


Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso.

We imagine how the whole world tastes ARKMEN nuts with a smile and enthusiastically scream in different languages: Смачно! Delicious! Pysznie! Magnifique! Che delizia! Today ARKMEN successfully develops in Ukrainian cities and conquers Poland with its unique taste. Development is not only about the product and new markets, it's about our team. Each of us allows our time every week to find new ideas and inspiration. Each of us has a goal and consistently reaches for it. There are no obstacles for ARKMEN!